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Eating unhealthy: a matter of taste? - Line up - Rotterdam Science Festival

Eating unhealthy: a matter of taste?

Remarkable: in all Western countries the low-skilled have more overweight than the highly educated. ‘Ofcourse’, you think, ‘if you can spend less than you’ll grab more quickly to unhealthy, cheaper meals’. Well, that’s not particularly true. Today you’ll face the truth and you’ll be given interesting statements: obesity is largely determined by how you were brought up (environmental specific tastes) and the subconscious association that you thereby have with poor nutrition. The Implicit Association Test (IAT) is a method to discover your subconscious associations. As a preparation of this presentation you can take a similar IAT test on the Project Implicit website of Harvard. Do you want to learn more about your lifestyle and the impact that your upbringing has in this, then you should definitely come to the presentation of Jeroen van der Waal.

Type Event

Science Café (Dutch)


Jeroen van der Waal


22.15 - 22.35


Mart Café (Markthal)